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Run your Python unit tests via GitHub actions

You've written some unit tests for your Python app. Good for you! There are dozens of us, dozens! You don't always remember to run your tests, or worse, your colleagues don't always remember to run them.

Wouldn't it be nice to automatically run unit tests on every commit to GitHub …

Never think about Python formatting again

At some point you realise that formatting your Python code is important. You want your code to be readable, but what's the right way to format it? You recognise that it's much harder to read this:

some_things = {"carrots": [1,2 ],
3,3, 3
], "pears": [] }

than it is to read …

Nand to Tetris is a great course

Everyone who learns programming at some point stops and asks - how does this actually work? You might know how to write and run code, but what's actually happening inside the computer? It can seem unfathomable.

Some people don't care about what's happening under the hood. Their code works, it gets …

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